2023 THE HOME DEPOT® Reviews: Device Repair (2023)

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Repair of household appliances
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2023 THE HOME DEPOT® Reviews: Device Repair (2)


  • Wide range of home and renovation services
  • Network of experienced, licensed and insured contractors
  • 2,200 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Installs and maintains equipment of all makes and models
  • Flexible financing for domestic services
  • Minimum one year warranty on labor

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consumer advocates.orgEvaluation:4.9/5(Great)

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THE HOME DEPOT® is the world's largest home improvement retailer, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company sells tools and construction products and offers a variety of household services, including appliance installation and repair. THE HOME DEPOT® repairs and installs household appliances of all brands.

2023 THE HOME DEPOT® Reviews: Device Repair (4)

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Equipment repair services


Customer service


additional lines




location and range

Overall rating: 4.9/5 (excellent)

THE HOME DEPOT® is currently one of the strongest competitors in the appliance repair industry. In addition to licensed technicians who can repair many types of appliances from all brands, THE HOME DEPOT® can work on a variety of home improvement projects. The strong online reputation further strengthens the company's position, which offsets the company's more negative customer experience. We recommend THE HOME DEPOT® to anyone who needs to repair appliances, but even more to consumers who want to enhance their repairs with home improvement or renovation projects.

THE HOME DEPOT® home appliance repair service

Device Repair Services - 5/5

THE HOME DEPOT® can repair a variety of devices and replace those that cannot be repaired. The company's technicians are experienced and able to work with all brands and replace equipment not purchased from THE HOME DEPOT® stores. In addition, THE HOME DEPOT® offers non-device repair services such as repairing garage doors, ceiling fans, and electrical panels.

Household appliances included

washing machine
Replacement of the device if repair is not possible


Transport/recycling of old models


Repair non-store bought device


Fixed markers

THE HOME DEPOT® can install or repair appliances of all makes and models.

THE HOME DEPOT® additional services

Additional services - 5/5

In addition to appliance repairs, THE HOME DEPOT® offers installment plans for a variety of home improvement jobs like windows, doors, HVAC systems, and more. The company also offers complete renovations of bathrooms and kitchens. THE HOME DEPOT® may provide maintenance services for HVAC systems and select other equipment.

housing reform





garage doors

entrance doors




heating and cooling


Maintenance of the living space

domestic appliances


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Reputation and Customer Service THE HOME DEPOT®

Customer Service/Reputation - 5/5

THE HOME DEPOT® opened its doors in 1978. The company's online reputation is excellent as it is accredited by the BBB while maintaining an A rating with the agency. On the other hand, customer feedback is comparatively low due to a significant number of negative reviews and a poor rating of 1.9 on Trustpilot. THE HOME DEPOT® offers support through all four methods – phone, email, text and live chat. The company offers satisfaction guarantee and guarantee for its products and services. THE HOME DEPOT® only hires licensed technicians for repairs and installations.

founding year


BBB rating


Number of positive BBB reviews


Number of negative BBB ratings


Trustpilot review

1,9 von 10

pick-up date


Customer Service Hours

Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m

contact option





licensed technicians


Book appointments online


Protection/Warranty Plan


satisfaction guaranteed


company profile

Full name

THE HOME DEPOT® device repair

corporate website

2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE # B # 3, Atlanta, GA, 30339


The HOME DEPOT name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the Home Depot Product Authority, LLC and are used under license.

The HOME DEPOT HOME SERVICES name and logo are registered trademarks of Home Depot Product Authority, LLC and are used under license.

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28 customer reviews and ratings

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Just an FYI for people looking for device warranties and think this covers everything. I bought a fridge in 2020 and at the age of 2 the plastic supports for the vegetable and meat tray broke. Thinking that's not a problem I got a 5 year warranty. When I checked the expensive warranty I bought doesn't cover broken tray holders or basically anything else that breaks in the fridge . Bottom line: read the fine print because you won't be told that when you buy the warranty. Very disappointed as I now have to spend almost $200 more on refrigerator parts that are only 2 years old.

Regina R.


Complete separation between the HomeDepot warranty claim and the designated service center to receive the Samsung Refrig repair claim. Ice cube maker and ice cube box. 2 same orders never reached the service center and were then forwarded to another service center. The second service center informed me that they do not cover my residential address range. Back to the Home Depot Warranty and I spoke to the Excaltion Claims Supervisor. Two days later we are still working to find another service repair company to take care of the warranty issue.



The Asurion protection plan is a joke, don't waste your money. LG pays for the compressor and labor and Asurion don't even want to pay for the service call to diagnose the 3 year old fridge, AMAZING!

74 @graceeom


The equipment installation service is terrible and terrible. It will take a long time to wait for the installation of the gas stove. Despite paying for the measure, I had to call several times to set up the installation service. They said a builder should call me, but that never happened. I have never had such an experience. They need to change their service system. I think their internal system isn't working.

Tim F


I tried renting a metal brake from Home Depot. They lied on the phone about the price and tried to tell me when I got there that there was no such call. It also wouldn't allow me to rent it without also renting their truck - more money - although the last time I had a 10ft brake of this type I loaded it into my car myself with no problems. This is the latest in a long line of problems, and I mean the last. I have been a customer for years and have spent many 000s of dollars with them but I will never go back for anything.


Jesse L


I have a friend who bought an LG fridge less than a year later when the compressor broke about 90 days ago. LG's solution was to give her credit for a $300 or less mini-fridge until repairs could be made. I think 90 USD waiting days should require a replacement or at least a refund but still waiting! What a place does business like this! ! !



We just bought a new freezer that broke and Home Depot replaced it. We have now replaced the freezer and it is not freezing properly and is still under warranty. Who can solve this problem?


Mike G


I bought an LG washing machine in July. It was delivered and installed on August 6th. Water continuously drips into the main drum. We called the same day to report the problem and were told it would take over 6 weeks for a new washing machine to be delivered by LG warranty services. Six weeks passed and we heard nothing. I called again and after waiting for more than half an hour I was told that the new delivery date was now 11/10. were!!!!! However, online it shows that the same model is in stock and can be delivered today! But they must get a replacement from LG's warranty services. Terrible politics, absolute bullshit! Don't buy your home appliances here.

(Video) Appliances Made to BREAK! What Should You Buy Built to LAST?

Judy J


Bought a fridge online during the pandemic. I AM AN ELDERLY DISABLED CITIZEN. The service guarantee line cannot be reached. I've been waiting in backlog calls for over 5 hours. They don't answer emails. Give the abandoned fridge to the men. I can't stop the fridge from rolling across the floor.



We've waited months for them to fix a washer/dryer we have and we bought their service plan. You are terrible.

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2023 THE HOME DEPOT® Reviews: Device Repair (5)


  • Wide range of home and renovation services
  • Network of experienced, licensed and insured contractors
  • 2,200 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Installs and maintains equipment of all makes and models
  • Flexible financing for domestic services
  • Minimum one year warranty on labor

VISIT THE WEBSITE2023 THE HOME DEPOT® Reviews: Device Repair (6)

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