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What are the best party hostels in Lisbon?

Yeah! lisbon hostelis located in the trendy Bairro Alto district and is one of the best rated party hostels in the city. The inn has a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city, a bar, and a social room with games and events. Other great party hostels in Lisbon areEl G-Spot Hostel, Goodmorning Hostel and Selina Secret FardenThey offer a variety of social activities such as family dinners at night, happy hours, late night pub crawls and VIP entry to the best clubs in Lisbon. All have fully equipped kitchens, comfortable common areas, and private bathrooms. Read on for a full review of each of them:

Yeah! lisbon hostel

Yeah! lisbon hostelIt is an excellent option for travelers looking to enjoy the best of Lisbon's entertainment in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The atmosphere of the hostel and the friendliness of the staff make it the best option for anyone looking to socialize and make new friends.

The inn offers a variety of services and activities that will keep you entertained and well fed during your stay. Guests can enjoy reasonably priced dinner every night, free shots every night and free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Free walking tours and pub crawls are great opportunities to explore the city and meet new people.

Yeah! Lisbon Hostel has a prime location that puts guests within walking distance of some of Lisbon's most popular attractions. The pousada is close to Praça do Comércio, Rua Augusta and Baixa Pombalina, making it easy to save on transportation while exploring the city.

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The team of Yes! Lisbon Hostel consistently receives favorable reviews for its friendly and helpful staff, who speak both English and Spanish. Guests often rave about the 'awesome', 'lovely' and 'fun' staff. With all these great features, it's easy to see why Yes! Lisbon Hostel won several awards not only for being the best party hostel in Lisbon, but also for being one of the best hostels in the city.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Nightly dinners at a reasonable price.
  • Free shots every night, free tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Free walking tours and pub crawls
  • friendly and helpful staff
  • Prime location within walking distance of popular attractions

Hostal El Punto G

Hostal El Punto GIt is a great option for those who want to meet new people and experience the best of Lisbon's nightlife. With its late-night pubs, happy hours, and in-house bar, guests are sure to meet new friends and have a good time. The inn also offers a delicious buffet breakfast with bowls of yogurt, homemade bread, coffee and tea to give you the energy you need for the day ahead. The common area is spacious and comfortable, with a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable sofas, perfect for meeting new friends.

The location of the inn is also a great advantage. It is a few steps from the famous Avenida da Liberdade, the historic center and a neighborhood with more than 200 bars and nightclubs. Guests can enjoy discounts on excursions, surfing and festivals, as well as VIP. entrance to the best nightclubs in Lisbon.

G-Spot Hostel offers great social activities including free walking tours, UNESCO World Heritage Sintra, surf lessons, Portuguese wine tasting and beach days. The activities are popular with guests and it's a great way to mingle with like-minded people from around the world.

Overall, The G-Spot Hostel is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a lively and social atmosphere in Lisbon. With its excellent location, numerous services and fun activities, guests will enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Party Hostel Highlights:

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  • Bar interior y happy hours
  • Night time pub crawls, free walking tours, UNESCO World Heritage Site Sintra, surf lessons, Portuguese wine tasting and beach days offered
  • Delicious buffet breakfast with yogurt bowls and artisan bread
  • Discounts on tours, surfing and festivals

good morning hostel

good morning hostelis an excellent option for individual travelers looking for a lively and social atmosphere during their stay in Lisbon. The friendly and knowledgeable hostel staff do everything they can to ensure guests have a pleasant stay, from preparing an early breakfast to recommending the best restaurants and bars in the area. Guests can take advantage of the hostel's free daily waffle breakfast and attend daily themed dinners, which are a great opportunity to meet other backpackers.

Goodmorning Hostel's Power Hour is a highlight for guests looking to make the most of Lisbon's nightlife, providing the perfect start to an amazing night. Guests can enjoy a free beer or sangria every day from 7:00 p.m. m. to 8:00 p.m. m. and meet other travelers in the main common area. entry to three of the city's emblematic bars and a nightclub, as well as free shots and discounts.

The hostel offers several tour options, including a full-day tour of magical Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including transportation, a guide, entrance fees to Quinta da Regaleira Palace, and a little surprise at the end. Guests can also join the hostel's free walking tours, which are led by guides with in-depth knowledge of the city and work on a tip-based system.

Overall, Goodmorning Hostel is a great choice for solo travelers looking to meet new people and experience the best of Lisbon's attractions and nightlife.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Power Hour: A free beer or sangria every day from 7:00 p.m. m. to 8:00 p.m. m.
  • Theme dinners and pub crawls
  • Sintra Full Day Tour
  • free walking tours
  • Equipment rental and surf lessons

Watch out for Lisbon! Hostel

Watch out for Lisbon!it is an ideal hostel for social backpackers who want to experience a comfortable, familiar and relaxed environment. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, together with the hostel's location, make it the perfect place for anyone looking to explore Lisbon's vibrant culture and nightlife.

The heart of the hostel is the lounge, where travelers can meet new people, relax after a long day exploring the city, and take part in the amazing activities at Lookout Lisboa. nights and the Funky Monkey Pub Crawl. This popular pub crawl takes visitors to three bars in Bairro Alto and includes VIP entry to a huge club at the end of the night, admission included.

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The hostel is located a 5-minute walk from some of Lisbon's most popular attractions, including the bars of Bairro Alto, the Botanical Garden, Restauradores Metro Station and hundreds of Pastéis de Nata. The hostel facilities include a kitchen with all the necessary utensils to prepare meals, a giant locker in the bedroom to store belongings, and a reading lamp and USB socket right next to each bed.

Overall, Mirante Lisbon! is the perfect party hostel for travelers who want to experience the best of Lisbon's culture and nightlife while staying in a comfortable and social environment. It is ideal for solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends looking for a fun and memorable experience.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Fun activities like tip-based walking tours, surf lessons, movie nights, and the Funky Monkey Pub Crawl
  • Perfect location to explore Lisbon's attractions and nightlife
  • Well-equipped kitchen and bedroom with lockers, reading lamps and USB sockets

Selina's secret garden

Selina's secret gardenis a fantastic hostel located in the elegant Cais do Sodré neighborhood in Lisbon, just a few steps from some of the most famous monuments and restaurants in the city. The inn offers a variety of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, from a rooftop terrace and patio to a pool and wellness area. The comfortable coworking space, with powerful, reliable and free Wi-Fi, is ideal for digital nomads or anyone who needs to work.

However, what really sets Selina Secret Garden apart from other hostels in Lisbon is its lively social scene. The hostel regularly hosts dance classes, wellness retreats, and nomadic socials, giving guests plenty of opportunities to meet new people and have a great time. And when the sun goes down, the hostel is within walking distance of Lisbon's best nightlife, including the world-famous LUX Fragil nightclub.

Overall, Selina Secret Garden is the perfect hostel for travelers and digital nomads looking to experience the best of Lisbon's cultural and social scene. Whether you're exploring the city's historic landmarks or dancing the night away with new friends, you're sure to have a memorable stay at this lively and welcoming hostel.

Party Hostel Highlights:

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  • Fantastic location close to Lisbon's sights and nightlife
  • Rooftop deck, patio, and pool
  • Comfy coworking space with free powerful Wi-Fi
  • Lively social scene with regular dance classes and get togethers.
  • Close to the world famous nightclub LUX Fragil

What are party hostels like in Lisbon?

Party hostels in Lisbon offer a fun and social atmosphere, with a variety of activities designed to bring travelers together. Most hostels have bars and common spaces where guests can meet and mingle, and many host events like pub crawls, barbecues, and game nights. Hostels are usually affordable and cater to young travelers looking for a social and inexpensive way to experience the city's nightlife. Hostels in Lisbon range from smaller, more intimate spaces to larger, more social hostels with extensive facilities and services. Overall, party hostels in Lisbon are a great way to meet new people, explore the city's vibrant nightlife, and have an unforgettable experience in the capital of Portugal.

FAQs about party hostels in Lisbon

Are party hostels in Lisbon safe?

Party hostels in Lisbon are generally safe, but it is always important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Look for hostels with 24-hour security, lockers, and good reviews from past guests.

How much do party hostels cost in Lisbon?

The cost of party hostels in Lisbon varies depending on the season, location, and amenities. On average, a bed in a mixed dorm at a party hostel can range from €10 to €25 per night.

What are some things to consider when choosing a party hostel in Lisbon?

When choosing a party hostel in Lisbon, consider the location, atmosphere, and amenities. Look for hostels with a central location, good reviews, and a lively atmosphere with social events and activities. Check if the hostel offers free breakfast, wi-fi, lockers and 24-hour reception.

What are the advantages of staying in a party hostel in Lisbon?

Staying in a party hostel in Lisbon is a great way to meet like-minded travelers from all over the world and have a memorable experience. Party hostels offer a lively atmosphere with social events, activities and the chance to make new friends. They also tend to be more affordable than hotels and offer shared amenities like kitchens and common areas.

Is Lisbon good for solo travelers?

Lisbon is a great destination for solo travelers, especially those who want to meet new people and have a good time. The city has a vibrant atmosphere with many social events, bars and clubs, making it easy to socialize and make new friends.

What area of ​​Lisbon has the best nightlife?

Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré are the two areas of Lisbon with the best nightlife. Bairro Alto is a lively neighborhood full of bars and clubs, while Cais do Sodré is home to many clubs that are open until the early hours.

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Is Lisbon good for parties?

Yes, Lisbon is a great party destination. The city has a vibrant nightlife with a variety of clubs to suit different tastes and styles. Some of the popular areas for clubbing in Lisbon include Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré, and Rua Rosa. The city also hosts several music festivals throughout the year, such as Super Bock Super Rock and Lisbon Sound Summit. Overall, Lisbon offers a diverse and exciting nightlife that is sure to satisfy revelers of all stripes.


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