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How to create good feng shui in your home (1)

anjie cho

Anjie Cho is a certified feng shui consultant, professional architect, and author with over 20 years experience in space design. She co-founded the Mindful Design Feng Shui School and wrote "Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home".

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Updated 7/28/22

How to create good feng shui in your home (2)

It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start when growing up.buen feng shuiat home. Which rooms should you start with? How do you start over or what do you do if a room is already decorated? What shouldn't you do in feng shui?

5 easy ways to create good feng shui in your home

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a challenge. Here are some ideas, including basic feng shui rules, to get you started on your journey to a happier, more energized home. Feng shui is not design or decoration; its principles and ideals can inspire you to decorate your space in a feng shui way to bring more balance to your life.

So if you are new toprojeto de sala de feng shuiOr an expert, here are nine essential steps to creating good feng shui to apply to every room in your home.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a metaphysical practice of understanding your place in the world inspired by five principles or elements of Taoism. The five principles of feng shui are based on the cycles of nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The desired result is to create harmony in your life and spaces.

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    light your entrance

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    En feng shui,your entrance represents how energy enters your homeand your life. The main gate is the "mouth of qi". The entryway is the first place to start when you want to create good feng shui in your home.

    Start by cleaning and removing any debris. Many objects tend to accumulate at the front door. It doesn't have to be empty, just relatively clear. Make it work for you.

    Then sweep and clean the area. The main entrance (interior and exterior) is often overlooked. Clean the door and shake the mat. Take a good look around.

    Can you make this space more inviting and spacious by adding or removing something? Clearing a space creates a place for the energy that enters your home to collect and accumulate. Blocking energy is one of the essential things you mustnodo in feng shui.

    Finally, make sure this space is bright and well lit. Add lighting or change bulbs.

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    clean your windows

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    The windows symbolize the eyes of the adults in the house; for children, it's their voice. To create good feng shui in your home, clean your windows regularly. Bright, clean windows let in more sunlight.

    Sunlight naturally energizes and wakes you up. Sunlight also vibrantly reproduces all the colors and objects you see. Light makes a home feel larger, more vibrant, and full of energy when you let more light in. Clean windows metaphorically help you see the world around you with more color, clarity and accuracy.

    As a bonus, use all-natural products orhomemade cleaners, such as a simple solution of white vinegar, water and a few drops of essential oil.

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    pay attention to your doors

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    In feng shui, doors represent your voice and communication. Doors are also portals through which opportunities can enter your life. Your doors deserve some of your attention.

    There are two things to keep in mind. First, make sure all your doors can open at least 90 degrees. When there's too much clutter behind a door, it can't be opened all the way. This block means you can only receive a portion of life's opportunities. There are parts you are closing to.

    Second, make sure all your ports are working properly. Make sure the hardware works smoothly and the hinges don't squeak. Make sure the door can close well and easily. All of these details affect how energy reaches you. You want the flow to be as smooth as possible.

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    command post

    How to create good feng shui in your home (6)

    Command position determines where you position yourself in life.Apply this position to your bed location., desk and stove.

    The bed represents you. The table represents your career. And the stove represents his wealth. When in these spaces, make sure you can see the door without being directly in line with it. For example, when you're lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking on the stove, you want to see the door. It can end diagonally or "kitten's corner" of the gate.

    You are in control of your life when you are in a commanding position. Are you in a place to receivepositive energy and better opportunities.


    In feng shui, the direction of the house is important. Since light essentially represents energy, south is the most advantageous house direction for light, chi (energy) absorption, and family harmony.

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    Remove obstacles in your way

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    Take a good look at your daily walk around your house; This is your feng shui space layout. Notice the physical path you take as you move through the house, from the moment you wake up and get out of bed, then to the bathroom, and so on until you leave the house. Do the same when you get home, make dinner and finish in bed.

    You become desensitized to all the physical blocks and obstacles you have in your daily path. Maybe it's that lightbulb that flickers or the door that keeps getting stuck and you have to slam it. It's a hindrance when you have to go through a messy hallway. When you desperately look at a closet full of clothes that no longer fit you, it all takes a toll on you. Over time, these obstacles can accumulate and create problems for you; this can be considered bad feng shui for a home.

    The first step is to notice obstacles, adapt gently, and be kind, one thing at a time.

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    be spacious

    How to create good feng shui in your home (8)

    Clutter is often in the same sentence as feng shui, but feng shui is less about organization and more about creating space.

    How do you make your life more spacious? Start with your home. Find a physical place: a drawer, a bedroom, a corner of the fridge, a desk (no matter the size) and drop what is no longer needed. When you let something go, you create an open space to invite something new and fresh. chance.

    And don't give up if you run out of space. That's how the universe works. Life is not static or solid; there is impermanence. It dances happily with the rise and fall of humanity. Open spaces are filled, then empty, then filled again. Always be willing to make a new start. Find a new (or the same) corner to clear and create a little space over and over again.

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    space cleaning

    How to create good feng shui in your home (9)

    Hand in hand with breadth is space clearing. Next to physical space is energy space; both can be deleted. This is sometimes called the blessing of space in feng shui.

    You can use some techniques:stainingwith palo santo wood or sweet orange essential oil diffuser. Do you need a simple space cleaning technique that requires no materials? Visualize bright white sunlight filling and cleansing your entire home.

    When cleaning the space in your home, try to associate it with positive thoughts. Develop an intention of what you want to cultivate and create in your life.

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    Plants bring life energy

    How to create good feng shui in your home (10)

    In feng shui, plants embody vital energy. What does this means? Living greenhouse plants connect with nature, bringing vitality to your home. Green plants are like freshly squeezed organic green juice for your home: they bring freshness and vitality. Vibrant green plants are one of the main feng shui elements for the home.

    The most important thing to remember is to find plants that you can care for and that are suitable for the space. For example, consider your lighting conditions. If you're new to plants, try some easy ones like thepothos dourado.

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    offer gratitude

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    Offer thanks to your home. Feng Shui is a shamanic tradition that is born from the belief that everything is alive, including your space. The same vital energy (qi) that animates you also flows through your home.

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    Your home is your refuge. Your home provides a place to rest, nurture, celebrate, and more. Offering gratitude to your home is simple. Speak to your home with a humble heart and say, "Thank you."

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