How to find the Feng Shui direction of your house (2023)


If you are not using your home address to practice feng shui, then you are not actually practicing feng shui. This is because line of sight is ESSENTIAL (in many practices) and is one of the first steps in determining the style of feng shui decor in your home.

Here are some examples to illustrate.

If you practice Eight Mansions, your home address will help you find your house Kua. Only then would you know whether the front door, kitchen and bedroom are in favorable sectors or not.

If you arePraxis Xuan Kong Flying Stars, the address of your home is one of the most important pieces of information to help you create your home's natal chart. The natal chart is the key element to interpreting the impact Feng Shui can have on you.

Essentially if you're lookingReal benefits of feng shui such as wealth, health and improving relationships.Finding out the orientation of your home is the first essential step.

For some, home address is not obvious, especially if they live in apartments. In other cases, you may have chosen the wrong address. This article will walk you through those uncertainties and show you how to find your home address.

Let's start with the most popular misconception about home orientation.

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The line of sight is NOT the direction of the front door

Many people suspectthat the direction of the front of a house is the direction of the front door. In some cases this is the truth. However, DO NOT use the front door when trying to find the direction of your face.

For example, look at the image below. Can you tell that the home address is different from the front door address?

Can you tell that the home address is different from the front door address?

Here's another illustration in case you didn't get it.

Let's take the Forbidden City in Beijing as an example. It is north facing and south facing. All doors are also south facing. Below is an image that illustrates this setup.

The Forbidden City in Beijing is to the north and faces south.

Now imagine exactly the SAME arrangement with a slight variation: the front door opens on the east side (but there are still doors on the 4 cardinal points). Do you think the Forbidden City faces east now? (This is just a basic illustration.)

Depending on the construction of the house, floor plan and orientation, the direction of the front sometimes corresponds to the direction of the front door. The Forbidden City is a prime example of this.

But let me repeat again: DO NOT use your front door address when looking up your home address. The two must be considered INDEPENDENT.

Finding the facing of a house

Here are several ways to find out a home's orientation.

  1. find out wherethe yang side of the housees (based on the yin-yang theory). The yang side is usually the more "active" side. That is, it is the side where the road is located and where most of the movement takes place. It is also the side that can collect the most sunlight and qi energy.

Using the above method should do the trick. If not, you can use these other methods to cross reference.

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  1. Find out where the backyard is. As the name suggests, the backyard should face backwards or towards the seat. The same concept applies to the front yard.
  2. Check the floor plan and orientation of the house. Which side is intended for receiving guests?
  3. Think of the house as a person. Which side would be the "face" of the house? Which side would his back be?

If your home is of the standard conventional type, the four steps above should produce the same result. When your home has a modern artistic design, finding the direction of the front can be difficult.

Finding the front address of a home with a modern artistic design can be difficult.

In this case, you should seek advice from a Feng Shui expert.

Finding the opposite address of an apartment

There's quite a bit of discussion going on here. I've seen many teachers use different methods to find an apartment's address.

One method is to use the apartment door as the line of sight. At least theThe front door is the mouth of the housethat gathers qi, doesn't it?

Another method is to use the siding of the entire building as the siding direction. The reason for this is that all units are under one roof and depending on the building they all need to have a common line of sight.

For one thing, I know that Uncle Dixer doesn't like the house building method. if askedwhether the front door of the apartment or the front door of the building should be used, He explained:

Since your main concern is your own house (I assumed this is the case), use your own dwelling to plot your compass calculation. But if you're worried about the entire apartment building, use the entire apartment. It all depends on your main concern.

There is a feng shui rule that says "one element, one taiji" to guide us in this situation, so it all depends on what you want to see as an element.

I also don't like using the view of the apartment building for the view of your house. Does everyone really have the same line of sight if the building is L-shaped? What if the building is round? This method just doesn't seem right.

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Does it really make sense that all the units in the building pictured above have the same orientation? Photo

The method of finding the front of an apartment (at least I think so) is still the same as finding the yang side of a house.This is usually the side of your balcony as most of the sunlight, air and qi come from this direction. Also, don't forget to consider layout and alignment.

Just like with houses, the orientation of your apartment SOMETIMES matches the orientation of the building. This is true of some apartments I've seen in California where they are square and only two stories high. Also, they are designed so that the door does not face a wall or another apartment, but an open space (usually a parking lot). Also, your balcony is blocked with tall trees. Therefore, when these factors are combined, the yang side is the same side as the front door.

But here too: DO NOT use the front door of your apartment as the entry address. Please consider the two separately.

Take the compass reading of your bearing

After you know which direction your house is facing, the next step is to take a compass reading.

If you know how to use a Luo pan, you can skip this section. If you don't have one, you can easily do thisbuy here on amazon. Knowing how to use a Luo Pan is essential for Feng Shui practitioners.

I won't go into detail on how to use a Luo Pan here. Instead, I'm going to teach you how to use your smartphone to get the compass reading of your home's bearing.

First find a reference lineparallelto your home address. For example, if your line of sight coincides with your front door, you can use the bottom edges of your front door or even the wall you are facing as a reference. If you have stairs leading directly towards the front, the stairs can also be reference lines.

Then open the compass app on your smartphone. relay a messageunderyour smartphone with the reference line. The compass reading on your smartphone is the direction of your home.

I strongly recommend you to take various measures against electrical interference. So I suggest that it's best to take measurements from both the inside and outside of your home. The key here is to find the reference line and align the bottom of your smartphone with it.

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When determining the address of the front of your home, DO NOT use the front door address. The two directions are independent of each other. Instead, use the "yang" side of your house and its layout and orientation to find the direction of your house.

After you know which side your house is on, use your smartphone to get various compass readings. Use your compass app and line up the bottom of your smartphone with reference lines parallel to your home direction. You must take readings both inside and outside the home to avoid electrical interference altering the compass reading.

Once you get the compass reading, you're ready for some serious feng shui!

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