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The tractor is the real workhorse of your farm. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED tractor lights make your everyday lifeAgricultureEasier, safer and more efficient tasks. Whether LED tractor lights, work lights, long distance headlights or long distance headlights, our wide range of robust LED headlights cover all areas.

Our tractor mountable LED lights are all dustproof, waterproof, temperature and weather resistant, and have an exceptionally long lifespan (30,000 to 50,000 hours) so you can keep going for as long as possible. possible. Upgrading to NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights is one of the smartest and most cost-effective investments you can make in your tractor.

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The best LED lights for your tractor

NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are designed to give you the best possible visibility and clarity of your tractor. You won't experience any annoying glare or reflections on your tractor.

A low cost investment

Although LED work lights are more expensive compared to traditional halogen and HID (xenon) lamps, the initial investment pays for itself many times over due to the product's long, trouble-free lifespan. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are virtually maintenance free and have a lifetime of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 for HID (xenon) and 500 for halogen. This means you no longer have to wait around for replacement lamps or professional maintenance.

Our comprehensive warranty gives you peace of mind that your tractor LED work lights will provide years of trouble-free service. Full details of our warranty policy can be found hereHere.

Get the complete guide to light optimization for tractors:

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durable and reliable

The high-quality individual LEDs are installed on a circuit board, which is screwed into an aluminum housing. Our lenses are made from different polymers or tempered glass, handpicked for recommended applications.

Intelligent optics and lighting design

When you operate a tractor, the construction site is not just in front of you, but everywhere. The light distribution of our work lights eliminates sharp contrasts between dark and light, resulting in a more comfortable work environment with less eye strain. Most of our work lights are calibrated for a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, which has been proven to have an energizing effect on the driver. 5000 Kelvin is ideal for outdoor jobs. It's white enough to energize you, but still yellow enough to prevent eyestrain.

While the lumen count is a good indicator of how much light an LED light puts out, more lumens doesn't automatically make one light better than another. Some manufacturers like to talk A LOT about theoretical lumens, but the lumen count is of little or no use if the other parts are not optimized for the LED chips. That's why we always measure and discloseoperating lumen value,which is closest to the actual level of enlightenment you will get.

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Prepared for extreme conditions

Whether you're working in scorching heat or freezing cold, you can count on our LED lights. All of our tractor LED work lights have been rigorously tested in our in-house laboratory, are protected from overheating and remain fully functional from -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (185°F). Essentially, your lights stay on even if the rest of your equipment overheats.

Plus, your new LED lights are easy to connect via the built-in high-quality, waterproof 2-pin Deutsch DT connector. In conjunction with the supplied DT connector, the system is waterproof. No moisture penetrates the light electronics from outside, which would cause a short circuit over time.

walk with giants

NORDIC LIGHTS® is the LED lighting manufacturer of choice for many of the world's largest manufacturers of tractors and other heavy vehicles, including industry leaders such as:Caterpillar,Liebherr,SandvikEKomatsu. Rest assured that you are always getting the most up-to-date, cost-optimized LED lights for your tractor.

LED work lights for tractors

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Ready to step it up?

If you're looking for a first upgrade to halogen LED or HID, we recommend our affordableGO seriesWork lights, also known as the Step-It-Up series. Perfect for agricultural tasks, GO series lights are available in three different shapes: square, round and oval. Depending on the model, the light output is between 1000 and 2300 lumens. The GO series work lights are all dimmable, allowing you to adjust the amount of light emitted to your liking. They also master tough conditions and intense vibrations effortlessly.

Skorpion GO

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Canis GO

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Sato GO

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be a winner

Do you want to move up to the big leagues? Then we recommend you to purchase our resistantPro-Seriework lights. Perfect for agricultural tasks, PRO Series lights are manufactured in a variety of shapes, the most popular being our square and round alternatives. Depending on the model, the light output is up to 4400 lumens. PRO series lights are designed for use in harsh conditions and can easily withstand vibrations up to 15.3 Grms.

Scorpius PRO

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For tractors, we especially recommend theScorpius PRO445ECanisPRO330.

Light setup recommendations for tractors
Light Configuration 1: Simple

OurbasicTractor configuration includes 8Sato GO625Lights strategically placed on the sides of the tractor cab.

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Sato GO625

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Light Setting 2: Professional

OurprofessionalTractor configuration includes 8Scorpius PRO445e 4CanisPRO330strategically placed in the tractor cab.

Scorpius PRO445

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configuration comparison

Simulation image of Halogen Lights configuration compared to Nordic Lights Basic and Professional configurations for tractors. Please click on the image to view the full size image.

Get the complete guide to light optimization for tractors:

easy installation

Our LED work lights for tractors are easy to mount with bracket, tail or pedestal mounting. We will provide the bracket, screw, nut, washer and waterproof connector. As simple as that!

Which light and light pattern for my tractor?

Choosing the right light pattern is important to getting the most out of your LED work light. If you want to light longer distances, choose Wide Flood. If you need a narrower light distribution, choose Flood for maximum light intensity. If you need to illuminate longer distances, choose high beam or pencil beam.

You can see all available light patterns for each light on the respective product page. We measure the light distribution of each light pattern inLux, lumens per square meter.

Check out an exampleScorpio GO420Wide pattern of spotlights below.

LED tractor lights - tractor lights - NORDIC LIGHTS® (12)

As you can see, the total of 1800 lumens is divided into an approximate area of ​​10 × 20 meters. The area directly in front of the light is illuminated at 20 lux (20 lumens per square meter), while the area further away is illuminated at 1 lux.

Brightness issues?

(Video) SCORPIUS 400 BLUE - LED Crop Sprayer Boom Light | NORDIC LIGHTS®

Unwanted glare is a real annoyance for people working near your tractor and even for you. We listen to our customers and develop themphenomenal optics(PH) optical solution. Our work lights equipped with Phenom Optics efficiently illuminate the area in front of you and, thanks to the carefully designed cut line, do not dazzle people in the vicinity of the vehicle. We currently offer PH versions of our heavy modelsScorpius PROECanis PRO.

Scorpius PRO 415 PH

To explore

Canis PRO 415 PH

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LED headlights for tractors

Want to put your tractor on the road? For tractors, we recommend those with ECE homologationsculptororN5XXstock lights.

The Sculptor integrates a headlight, turn signal and parking light into one unit, which features an easily replaceable coated polycarbonate lens for your convenience. By only replacing worn parts, you save time and money.


(2)To explore

N5XX series

(8)To explore

LED crop sprayer boom light

Looking for a blue LED work light? We make a blue version of our Scorpius PRO calledScorpio 400 Blau.It is equipped with blue LEDs, has a wide light emission range and excellent chemical resistance. Learn more aboutblue LED spray bar light.


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LED high beam for tractors

If you are looking for a long range work light, we have recently started manufacturing the popular and durable lightCanisGO 420as high beam version.

how to buy

Time for an update? It is best to contact your local NORDIC LIGHTS® dealer for our LED tractor lights. Find a list of our current distributorsHere.

OEM capabilities

Interested in our OEM capabilities? NORDIC LIGHTS® offers tailor-made solutions for vehicle manufacturers. Read all about our OEM resourcesHere.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Finland

NORDIC LIGHTS® headquarters and main assembly plant are located in the narrow business region of Jakobstad, Finland. Almost all of our lights have been assembled, tested and shipped from here since 1992.

Get the complete guide to light optimization for tractors:

Does Nordic Lights make work lights for tractors?

Absolutely! Our LED tractor lights include GO and PRO series lights. Take a look at the departmentLED lighting for tractorpage for more information.

How many lights should I install on my tractor?

Depending on tractor size and chosen configuration, we recommend installing 8 to 12 headlights for even light distribution.

How many lumens is good for a tractor work light?

Our tractor LED work lights start at 1000 lumens and go all the way up to 4400 lumens. It all depends on your starting point and your lighting needs.

(Video) 800w of LED lights installed on the tractor Part 2

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