Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough (2023)

Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough

  • 22. May 2023
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solution (Q). Franco: moon/dove near the upper right corner of the roof. Use the SEAL on the right. take the KEY 2 (P). Repeat in reverse order for woman until heart is full on back. 3. Return to the theater of day and night. Go back to the cafeteria counter. They are transported outside of the carnival. When you've found both pieces and they're in the little round circles on the button, click the red button below. Take the DIAMOND NOTE (M) and Black Journal Page (N). Doctor You will be penalized 30 seconds each time you click on too many wrong items at the same time. Place the WIND MAP in the slot. Take the DISCHARGE BATTERY (V). Place the ALTERNATIVE KEY on the register (D). Flip the switch to activate a HOS. Arrange the squares as shown (C). There are also two sets of words (DUOS and SINS) on the shoulders of the body contours on each side of the screen. After successfully feeding the mouths the correct food, a framed honeycomb pattern will appear where the mouths were. You can have a maximum of 5 clues at a time. Press the red button below and duplicate any image you see on the screen just above the red button. Enter the code 93 (H) and remove the EYE (I). Select the arrows in this order: Mx2, Ox3, K, J and L. Take the spring out of the slot with the gears and place it along with the other springs. You need to take the bee sitting under the framed picture with a single honeycomb pattern and place it in the hive. Collect the gems and place them in the slots (white arrows). Go back to the cafeteria counter. Balance the M on the left and the L on the right and insert the L into the 4th slot. Play the third music sequence displayed on the prism. Repeat the same steps for the man. However, make sure that whenever the man sends something to the woman, the man puts it in his mouth and vice versa. If you've ever seen The Price is Right, it's very similar to the game Plinko, where you drop the tile and depending on where you place it, it falls into a column on the ground. Your investigation will involve a variety of fascinating personalities, from Art the Carny to Lucy the Bearded Beauty, while... M-Click on the center door on the left and the bearded lady will appear. Take the razor and she will shave all her hair. This game requires a bit of skill coupled with a bit of luck. Angel Wings + Horse = Pegasus (Flying Horse) Place the circles correctly on the human figure (V). Use the PRUNING SHEARS on the vines to activate a puzzle (G). Place the SCARAB FRAGMENTS on the scarab and take the 5/6 scarab (F). Put the key (H) on the mouse wire (I). put the MONOGRAM in the slot. take TRYAD I (V). In this game there is a hidden object in each part of the crime scene. Place the cake slice (M1) and perfume (M2) in the scent area (J). Set the clock hand to 7 (X). Can you stop fate before it's too late? Open the doors with the masks to see the icons and find the corresponding icon to complete this section. G-Take the eye and place it on the pirate poof end. Answer: 1, 3, 5, 4, 2, 7, 6. Place the GARGOYLE HORN 1 (T) over the gargoyle. Take the mythical creature (U). Victorian Man + Victorian Woman = Baby Rocket Ride: A baseball/tennis ball that connects a button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you run out of time and have already found a mystery item in a room, you don't need to find it again after restarting the round. Use the KITCHEN KNIFE on the bag. take CODE COIL 2 (P). Go to the slot machines. Once you understand how colors move, arrange the same color above and directly below to make it glow. Set the switch to number 1 (A). Set the clock hand to 5 (H). Give the CARROT to the rabbit. take the FOUR-LEAF AMULET (U). Place the arrow face down in the 5th row, the last square (11th). put the TOKEN 1 in the slot (purple). Tap B and C. Place TOKEN 2 in the slot (purple). Tap Bx2 and C. Place TOKEN 3 in the slot (purple). Tap Bx2, then tap C. Take the TOY CLOWN (D). If your answer is correct, one of the letters above will be filled in to finally reveal the daring divas. With the step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots found in our Mystery Case Files walkthrough, you won't have any trouble finding the real killer. You can solve word puzzles with these two tools: look at the picture to determine which rune belongs to which circle. Place the anchor on the left (green) chain. Swap the badges according to the characters on the dial. Move the violin marker from sight (K) to hearing (M). Place the rabbit token in the upper left corner next to the others. Place CYLINDER 1 in the groove (L). Open the tube and take the FIRE BRACK (M). Select the clowns' heads and hands in this order: Tx2, Rx4, U, Sx2, and U. Spade the ground; take the BRONZE HANDLE (K). Position the anchors as shown (12) and then fire the harpoon (13) so that it hits the shark. Entrance (access point location: ticket office) There is a lock in the center that turns into a key. Use the GUNTLET to shoot the spikes. Take the DISC SAW (Q). Spin the disc and press the symbols that appear in the book (from top to bottom). Place the FILTER, GLUE, and LENS on the mask. Take the GAS MASK (C). Place the raspberry in the trap (C). flip the switch Click here for a video. Tap on the buttons: Jx2 and Lx2. Remove the cover to access the hard drive (N). Click here for a video. Return to the carnival outside. A-Take the heart and place it on the forehead of the man directly below. Switch to the spring (V). Open the door and look inside. take the DIVING SUIT (L). Use the POISON ROSE KILLER on the roses to activate a puzzle (L). Use the MAGNET ON A ROPE in the aquarium; Take the SLIDE (H). Place the AMULET PORTRAIT in the slot. tap on it and take the PIN (P). I placed the arrows in the correct position and also highlighted them in green for easy identification. Click on the image to enlarge it. You have to place 3 balls that match the color of the hats to eliminate that specific color. All our Complete Guides More Walkthroughs Cheats, Tips and Codes Questions and Answers; Recent updates to the guide; Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough Guides Tactics Ogre: Reborn Guide Disney Mirrorverse Guide Gundam Evolution Guide; Roblox Arsenal Guides DioField Chronicle Guide The Outer Worlds Walkthrough and Guide Murder in the Alps Cheats, Tips, Strategy. When you have the slides in the right order, the big green button will flash and you can move on to the next one. Use the MAGNET on the screw. take the SCREW (N). There are several puzzles to solve in the game. Use the arrows (G) to switch between the four seasons. Place the moon (C) here (D). Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Walkthrough and Tricks. Repeatedly click on the hearts to fill the buckets below with blood, making the red flag reach the top. Place the clock hand at 7 (E). Select the keys in this order: 1, 2, 3 and press the key (P). Attach the TATTOOED MAN BADGE 2 to your necklace. Enter 24 in the lock (L). take the AMULET OF MEDICINE (M). Press the keys in this order: L2x4, L1, L4, L2, L2x2 and L4x2. Place the 3 DIAMOND NOTES on the jukebox to activate a puzzle. Back to slot machines. Select the valve (8) and then turn the left spool (9) until the armature (10) appears. put CYLINDER 3 in the slot (P). tap on it and take the black journal page (Q). 2006 – 2021. Ringmasters Ten – Aquarium: Leaf/butterfly just before tail of big yellow angelfish. tips for. Check out Gamezebo's tips, tricks and walkthrough for Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate and save her life before time runs out. Use the chisel to work the box. Take the MUTO HEAD FILM (A). Click on the main puzzle and the pieces will be moved. Shooting Gallery: Horse/Cow on the top shelf on the right side of the screen. Look for change objects in . Use the AX on the STICK (Y) and pick it up. Complete three puzzles by rotating and swapping pieces. Dante's Riddle: This one is tricky. Set the clock hand to 2 (V). last. Place the arrows on the field in the direction you think will help guide the ball to the correct bottle. Take objects from each scene and place them in the correct scenes. Place the 2 BUTTONS on the controls to activate a puzzle. Place the paws on the correct animals (4). Select knife, grenade and revolver (H). You'll know if the pieces are in the right order when one of the four eyes at the top of the screen changes color. Switch to winter. Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Cheats & Fixes Check out this great MCF Madame Fate walkthrough, complete with screenshots and videos. If you have all five clues, it might be better to use a clue before clicking the mystery change item so you don't miss that clue. Your timing is very important in this game. Try to time it so that when the object comes back down, you stick your tongue out in time to catch it. Open the fan (E). Return to the Ferris wheel. Remove the bear head and take the RAVEN FEATHER 2/6 (O). Enlarge the mailbox. Place the POSTMAN BADGE in the slot to activate a HOS (not pictured). Twist the red wires as shown and press (J and H). You can only move the ball to an empty square. Madame Fate, a mysterious fortune teller, predicted her own death at midnight that same day. When in doubt about doing things right, just look at the bottles. Then press the button to drop the ball (the button is on the right of the ball) and it will fall into the blue bottle and a cork will appear inside. Dial 53807(S) with the numbers circled in pink. Place the CAN OPENER PART on the other one and take the CAN OPENER (C). Place the MOON CRYSTAL in the slot to activate a puzzle (A). Place the radio (J1) in the listening area (M2). Tans Puzzle: You have to fill in the blank. Colours: orange, purple, yellow, brown, silver and violet. Enter the correct code: 5174(R). When you get to the last piece in a row, start rotating the piece directly to the left of it, then work your way up. You can recognize them by the faint glow that reigns in a place around you. T-Click the red button and go to the upper left door with the cats and click on it. Then click on the last door with the fish and click on it as well. Catch some fish and feed the cats. Move the colored balls to the corresponding squares. Enter the code 573 (4) here. Place the MUTOSCOPE FILM in the device (B). take the RIGHT WING of the DOVE (C). Clicking a color in the outer ring moves the clicked color to the inner ring. Connect the dots as shown (10). Return to Marlena's Tank. Turn the key three times. Slide the tiles back and forth and press the numbers in numerical order. Free iPhone Games New iOS Games Tonight: Verticus, Real Boxing and More! Secondary BV placeholder. You can identify these items by watching these items change from one shape to another right before your eyes.Brown Sugar Buttermilk Cookies Recipe by Chris Scott,Farm auctions this weekend,

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Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough

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Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough

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Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough

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Mysterious Files: Madame Fate Walkthrough

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