Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (2023)

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (1)

Dia de Cleveland, OHVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 6, 2023

We are in the middle of renovating a home and as with all construction projects we have encountered issues and delays. Many of these problems are the result of personal contractors that we have hired. The big problem is that our hardwood floors were misinstalled, which damaged all of the 55 boxes we bought from Home Depot. We returned to the North Olmsted, Ohio location where we placed our order and bought back. After we told them what happened, the clerk who helped us re-order extended the friends and family discount and gave us free shipping (we had to pick up the first order ourselves to avoid the extra shipping cost). We received a notification on the day of our expected delivery that the delivery had been postponed for the entire WEEK. This would delay all of our work: installation, cabinet installation, countertop stenciling, painting, etc.

Oh I'm also seven months pregnant with a baby boy so we have a legitimate timeline and issues getting this project extended. The store manager Jessica took my call and was SO LOVELY and understanding. He had us truck half of the order (whatever they had in stock) the same day and his entire team kept us updated on when the rest of the boxes will be arriving. Everyone in this store was friendly and helpful: everyone in the flooring department, special orders, customer service, and delivery people. I can't say enough great things about the gear at the North Olmsted store. It's not an ideal situation, but it's very nice and comforting to know that these kind people are doing what they can to help us. Jessica and her team deserve kudos for their great customer service!

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (2)

Sheri de Sunnyvale, CaliforniaVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: December 14, 2022

I am very dissatisfied with my new rug which was recommended to me by a Home Depot employee. It was recommended for households with dogs, the carpet is only a month old and has many cons, I will have to replace the carpet if this continues. This should never have been recommended for households with dogs.

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Kyle of Taylor, MIVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 29, 2022

I bought a carpet and tile set for my living room from Home Depot. The contractor they hired to do the tile work was a very nice guy. I loved it. However, personality is not about quality work. After it was over, the contractors scheduled for the carpet arrived. I'm not racist or anything but at least send someone to chime in if there's a problem...I got a call from Home Depot while the carpet workers were here saying they had to bill me for an extra floor covering place. elimination. I tried to communicate with the guys doing the installation but they couldn't because they only knew about 5 words in English.

Why wasn't this brought to my attention before they addressed what they claimed to have "removed" and why was it never a problem when I replaced the carpet in this room? It looks a bit suspicious. So I spoke to the lady who called me from Home Depot and she began to have an opinion for me as to why I hadn't said anything about the uneven tiles in the facility a week ago. Now that this room was under construction we didn't use it. He waited until it was finished. Now that the carpet is complete I have inspected everything. She took a stance, "Well, you didn't say anything when it was over." "Well... yeah, I didn't think it was finished." Who leaves the tile so uneven that it actually becomes a tripping hazard and finds it "finished". Therefore the job is not done.

I'm no longer a contractor or in the construction industry, but what I do know is that anyone paying enough money to get work done on their home wants it done right. Home Depot isn't the option you want to look at. In any case, run away from them as far as possible. Even look for videos on how to do things yourself. It would probably work better in the end. I should have listened to other people. learned here. Never use anything from Home Depot again. what a FAIL

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (4)

Tammy de Leominster, MAVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

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Original review: November 28, 2022

I had Home Depot install a rug with instructions to install a second rug facing the room under the main rug with the edge meeting the top rug. The contractors routed the carpet stitching from the back of the room to the front of the room at the top of the stairs leading into the room. I called Home Depot for an interpreter because the contractors didn't speak English. The person I spoke to assured me that the contractors knew what they were doing. One of the contractors came to me with a paper to sign saying the job was done. I had already paid the contractors to come to my house after the bonding was complete, so I knew something was wrong. How could the work be finished? When I looked at the room, it wasn't done right. They covered the entire room with one carpet and didn't put the second carpet under the floor as I requested.

It's not easy trying to reach someone in customer service, always being on hold or being told someone will call me back. You will wait days for an answer. After contacting someone, they told me they could have someone come to my house and do it again. I had already repainted the walls due to the damage caused by installing the original carpet. In the end I'm still not happy that the room isn't done right. I would recommend Home Depot products but not their contractors. If you don't care that the job isn't done right, or the carpet isn't fixed, or you're on the phone for hours, you would hire your own contractors. Home Depot doesn't compensate you for your time or make sure the job gets done properly while the contractors are at your home.

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (5)

Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (6)

Joanne of Chicago, ILVerified Reviewer

Original review: September 1, 2022

I purchased about 1,000 square feet of Home Depot laminate flooring with the installation. HD selected G.S Floor Designs, Inc., 845 W University Dr., Arlington Heights, IL 60004 for the installation. When GS finally started the project, there was one delay after another. The work, which was supposed to last a week in June, was not completed until August 1st. When I was done with GS, I ended up paying about $3,000 more than the original install quote. The work was badly done too. When GS said the installation was complete, it looked terrible because they hadn't installed the sills or the small trim strip that's usually installed to hide the edges of the floorboards where the floor meets the apartment's exterior walls.

When I insisted on the cut, I had to pay more and the job took another month. After the installer repeatedly failed to complete the work promised, I had to hire someone else to finish it and touch up the paint. (The GS workers had also left the freshly painted walls in a state of disrepair.) GS denied my claim for compensation for poor quality work, non-performance of the work, gross underestimation of installation costs, and terrible delays. I haven't heard from Home Depot after GS denied my claim. Incidentally, I have had very good experiences with Lowe's for such projects. Go there!

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (7)

Ricardo de Crown Point, INVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 8, 2022

In 2021 we bought the Traffic Master rug from Home Depot, the seller told us they had trained installers and we never received a copy of the rug's sewing pattern. They also told me that it would take a day or two to get the whole house ready. Which, to our surprise and dismay, they did in one day. I called G&S Flooring for the number of seams and the location of the seams and they said to stop work but it would be several weeks before the material was ready. The carpet was installed by private contractors and they got the job done as quickly as they could and we had one carpet installed and a mess that needed cleaning up. Now the carpet looks worn and the stitching is showing, we have contacted them and now they are taking the warranty as a reason to extend it.

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (8)

Brian from Ronkonkoma, New YorkVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 3, 2022

If you're interested in Home Depot putting a new floor, don't do it! I've had several Home Depot installations over the years and they always use an outside contractor. I've never had a problem until now. Your floorers are the worst. Read other reviews on this. My experience was like many. They didn't tell me that you have to pay for all the work before they even work. The metrologist came and took all the measurements and told me what materials I would need to level my floor. I installed vinyl flooring in my kitchen. They offered me $1800 for necessary materials. I accepted the offer and then waited for the installation. This is where it got interesting. I was told to unplug all appliances and remove all non-permanent furniture from the room. I did this a day before the installation team arrived.

In the meantime I had to contact the installation company. A guy appears with a spirit level and a hammer. No materials or equipment to break up the ground which they charged me for. He takes his level and says he can't do the job and says I need to hire a contractor. Um, hello. I had to fight with this company and Home Depot to get a full refund. In the meantime, my house was destroyed by this installation, which never took place. Home Depot was useless in solving the problem. Extremely bad customer service. Read other reviews and don't use it on floors!

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (9)

Josie from Grosse Pointe, MIVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 26, 2022

Don't use the professional reference. I repeat, do not use Home Depot's professional reference, they are worthless. They accompany you on the way to trusting the professional reference. I called them 8 times, there is no contract I have to pay up front and I never get my money back if the contractor quits and that is exactly what happened. The contractor demanded advance payments of 50%. I only trusted him because he was through Home Depot.

When the contractor received two more upfront payments for additional work, he decided he wanted to quit and not work for me anymore. He further explained that his deposits are non-refundable, although he never did the work, let me say he never did the work, but he said his payments are non-refundable. I think this absurd Home Depot wants nothing to do with it. I called her 25 times. I emailed them 60 times. They gave me the name of the contractor's insurance company like fighting an insurance company was so much fun. Please, they won't want to give me anything.

I would never have given anyone money in advance. I only trusted him because he was a professional recommendation from Home Depot and the acceleration team doesn't fix anything. she does nothing They play games, call, hang up, leave no message, slow things down and do nothing for me. They tell me their contract says we are not responsible, I never signed a contract. Worthless, worthless, worthless. There are so many difficulties and mistakes made in processing. It was a full-time job tracking down all the errors, misinformation, and information that wasn't provided on some orders.

I found research that said you could try suing Home Depot and a great small claims court. I don't even think the contractor they referred me to has a license and that's why the guy freaked out. He doesn't care that he took my $2200, Home Depot doesn't care that they took my $2200. He didn't do the job. he takes my money He has the key to my house. He's got the garage remote and they don't care.

Don't use the professional reference if you're not going to buy something or walk out the door with it. Do not use HomeDepot. You're a mess and I'll probably have to go to court. I'm so disturbed that I trusted them, I just can't believe I was a victim of Home Depot's professional referral and the person they referred me to was a total jerk. You have any type of mental health issues or drug issues or scammers, theft issues, you will not be a victim of Home Depot's or Great Lakes' comprehensive services. I'm not his victim.

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (10)

CONAL of Groveland, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: June 27, 2022

I prepaid Home Depot, as is their policy, over $22,000 for flooring, countertops, and plumbing materials. The seller said they should start in 3 weeks and be ready in about 6 weeks. 10 months later they were still not done. Back then, I had endured hundreds of phone calls and many hours of phone carousels and waits. I had engagements with about 15 "managers". The problems were mismatched tiles, uneven height of installed tiles, missing baseboard, a dishwasher that no longer fit under the counter (installed by Home Depot), and many more problems. I sued them in Tuolumne County Small Claims Court. After 3 hearings they lost and were forced to refund me the $6,000 I was asking to fix issues. I recommend not even considering Home Depot.

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Reviews on Home Depot's 575 Best Flats (11)

Dennis de Lady Lake, FloridaVerified Reviewer

Original review: June 10, 2022

They took $3,000 from me. I asked for a carpet. I waited about three months for delivery. When it arrived it was defective. They promised they would replace it, they even wrote it on the paperwork and I never heard from them again. The installers they sent couldn't or didn't speak English. They were obviously illegal and we couldn't communicate with them. Bad place to do business. Stay away from them!

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