"South Park": Stan's Top 10 Episodes, Rating - Daily News Hack (2023)

Stan Marsh is one of thesouth parkfour main characters, along with Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. He was originally intended to be the most "normal" character viewers could relate to. As a result, he often shouts nonsense that gets the best of his friends and other South Park residents.

However, from Season 15 onwards, Stan's character becomes more complex. In particular, the show delved into her more cynical side, influenced by her dysfunctional family. While he doesn't have as many one-liners as Cartman or iconic deaths like Kenny, Stan has been the source of some of the show's best stories.


10 “You made it to the top five”

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This episode pokes fun at the world of dance competitions and the cutthroat nature of the industry. In a parody ofthey served youStan is asked to dance, so the South Park Boys face off against a rival dance crew in a battle to determine who's the best. There are some great scenes where Randy, frustrated that Stan has been served, teaches him the basics of line dancing to "Achy Break Heart".

There's also a dark and funny moment when it's revealed that Butters caused a horrific accident at a tap dancing competition. His shoe slipped and hit the stage lights, killing eight people - more, Stan tells him, if you count those who later committed suicide.

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9 “whale bitches”

One ofsouth parkThe funniest episode of all time, “Whale W***es,” focuses on the problem of whaling and the controversial practices of whaling fleets. According tosouth parkThe Japanese hunt whales and dolphins because they blame the animals for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stan and the gang are sent on a mission to stop the slaughter of whales and find themselves in the middle of a dangerous confrontation at sea.

To avert disaster, Stan comes up with the idea of ​​convincing Japan that the cows and chickens are responsible for dropping the bomb. Along the way, the boys encounter environmental activists, armed Japanese whalers, and even the rise of the notorious Sea Shepherd organization.

8 “Shower and Poo”

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This episode pokes fun at American politics (better than some political movies do) and the often frustrating nature of the election process. The children are assigned to vote for the school's new mascot. Cartman endorses the candidate for the "giant asshole" jokes, while Kyle endorses the "shit sandwich". Stan, however, says that those options are exactly the same and decides not to vote, much to the dismay of the other characters.

From this point on, the story escalates, including Stan being thrown out of town for not recognizing the importance of the vote, and an additional subplot involving murdered PETA members. PETA activists tell Stan an uncomfortable truth about democracy: every election is a cross between idiots and garbage, because they are the only people who are bad enough to make it in politics.

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7 “Margaritaville”

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This 2009 episode is similar to the financial crisis and recession of 2008. After the economy starts to deteriorate, Randy tells citizens to reduce their spending on basic needs, even buying an expensive Margarita mixer. The subplot follows Stan as he tries to return the mixer, only for it to switch from person to person.

Stan discovers that the debt has been repackaged and sold multiple times, another reference to the mortgage-backed securities that played a central role in the economic downturn. He also learns that the US Treasury determines fiscal policy by decapitating a chicken and letting it walk over a plank covered in phrases like "salvage!".

6 “The biggest rain in the universe”

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In this episode, the kids spar with a real self-proclaimed psychic. John Edward, who claims to be able to communicate with the dead. Stan has a main storyline where he accuses Edward of being a fake. He says that Edward is just reading it coldly, which Stan is demonstrating to several passers-by. However, people quickly come to the conclusion that Stan is also a medium.

Edward perceives Stan as a threat, leading to a confrontation between the two. Shortly after, an alien ship crash lands in South Park and the aliens claim to be looking for "The Greatest Soul in the Universe". Edward wins by defeating the alien, who is literally a giant idiot.

5 "My Future Me and I"

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Stan and Butters are the main characters in this episode. Stan meets an old version of himself from the future, a burnt-out drug addict. Terrified, Stan tries to avoid this fate by redoubling his efforts at school and giving up all bad activities. After Butters claims to have confronted his future self, the children realize that they are actually actors paid by their parents to scare them.

However, the situation quickly spirals out of control as the future's fake identities become more demanding and the boys struggle to keep up the charade. In the end, Stan tries to get the truth out of his parents by pretending to cut off his hand. This leads to a horrific and hilarious scene where Randy cuts off (and tries to reattach) the actor's arm. It's a heartbreaking movie to watch again and again.south parkan episode that highlights Stan's goofy side.

4 “You have 0 friends”

"South Park": Stan's Top 10 Episodes, Rating - Daily News Hack (7)

This 2010 edition is dedicated to Facebook, made at a time when the site was still relatively new and under development. After Stan's friends and family force him to use it, he is flooded with friend requests from people he doesn't know. Angry, Stan tries to delete his account, but Facebook won't let him. Instead, he is sucked into Facebook's virtual world.

Stan embarks on a mad journey through cyberspace and finally finds his online profile, which is a monstrous version of himself. To return to the real world, Stan must defeat his online doppelgänger in a game of Yahtzee. It's a wild ride mixed with powerful commentary.

3 "All About Mormons"

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In this episode, South Park is visited by a Mormon family who become the center of attention due to their unknown beliefs and customs. The other kids order Stan to hit Gary, the son of the family, but Stan is surprised to find the boy friendly and invites him to his house. Randy becomes convinced that the Mormons are trying to brainwash Stan, but he is soon converted as well.

As the townsfolk struggle to understand Mormons, they question their beliefs and prejudices, leading to many unexpected revelations. All About Mormons is a great episode with great religious commentary and jokes. Parker and Stone further explored these ideas in their musical works.Book of Mormon.

2 "Stuck in the Closet"

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"Stuck in the Closet"south parkLegendary episode in Scientology. Stan advertises himself as the reincarnation of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, leading to a series of awkward encounters with members of the church. Tom Cruise and John Travolta even show up and brutally insult each other.

Parker and Stone use their signature humor to comment on Scientology's often hidden practices and beliefs. Most of the episode is simply devoted to explaining what Scientology really teaches. (There is a particularly funny scene about who is known as Xenu.)

1 "Woodland Creatures Christmas"

"South Park": Stan's Top 10 Episodes, Rating - Daily News Hack (10)

In this Christmas special, Stan encounters a group of adorable woodland creatures who seem to embody the true spirit of the holidays. However, as the episode progresses, it is revealed that the animals are actually Satanists trying to ensure the Antichrist's return. The boys soon find themselves involved in a surreal and disturbing adventure involving orgies and ritual sacrifices.

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Reluctantly, Stan decides to stop the animals even as they unleash their satanic powers on him. He discovers that only cougars can stop the Antichrist from arriving, so he heads into the mountains to find them. From there, the plot gets more and more absurd, to the point where Kyle is possessed by an evil spirit and Santa Claus appears with a shotgun. It's a wild, hilarious, and bonkers episode that showcases what fans love about Stan and the series in general.


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