St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (2023)

From fine dining to little-known wonders. From prime entrees to greasy grilled burgers. From beautiful interiors to innovative on-the-go experiences we love just for fun. The restaurants we miss range from pricey steakhouses to bargain fast-food options. In fact, the only thing these closed St. Louis have in common is that we miss every single one of them.

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St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (1)

big boys

275 N. Service Rd.
Food may not have changed the world, but everyone raved about the Big Boys restaurant in Wright City. It was a great spot for a quick bite of greasy American delights, and also served as a good place for traveling families to stop, stretch their legs, and snap a picture with the Big Boy.

Photo courtesy ofelycefeliz / Flickr

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (2)


206 N. Sarah St.
In the basement of this apartment building was the best Italian tavern: Rossino's. The ceilings were low, the decor tacky, and the food was great. Rossino's is said to have been the first pizzeria in St. Louis.

Photo courtesy ofToby Weiss / B.E.L.T.(image has been cropped)

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (3)


6733 Clayton Rd.
This old-fashioned street restaurant opened in 1931 and has become the most popular restaurant in St. Louis. Louis. From direct service in your car to pickup and dinner, Parkmoor has always evolved with the times and customers have followed suit. However, it eventually fell victim to the restaurant chains and closed in 1999. Unfortunately, the entire building was eventually demolished to make way for a Walgreens.

Photo courtesy ofFacebook

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (4)

by Cicero

6691 Delmar Blvd.
This was Cicero's second location, the first just down the road is still known as a major music venue. This venue also had a performance space, but the focus was on the food. The thick crust pizza was excellent and Cicero's led the way in offering non-local beers.

Photo courtesy ofmoney mabel

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (5)

Shangri La Restaurant

Rua Cherokee, 2201
While the decorations were unforgettable, this little vegetarian spot was legendary for good food at great prices. Before Cherokee Street became the sensation it is today, Shangri La was a huge hit. It was also a favorite spot for the late St. Louis, Bob Reuter, who was often seen there.

Photo courtesy ofFacebook

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (6)

Famous bar restaurant

175 Jamestown Mall
Shopping malls are dying out, but that might not be the case if such places still existed. The restaurant at the Famous Barr department store served food oddly tasty and sophisticated enough to feel appropriate when dining with grandma. And the French onion soup here was legendary.

Photo courtesy ofPaul Sableman

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (7)

from Christ

8901 Riverview Blvd.
This popular Baden restaurant closed just a year before its 50th anniversary. Even though it made the headlines for bad reasons (their chef was kidnapped from the parking lot and found dead in Forest Park a few days later), this place is still remembered as a great place for a good and lavish family meal portions.

Photo courtesy ofGoogle Maps

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (8)

Local wine kitchen

Rua Manchester 7322
This swanky Maplewood store was forced to close a few years ago after some former employees filed a tipping lawsuit. However, while in operation, chef Cassy Vires brought great food, a cozy atmosphere and an extensive wine list to all visitors. Rest In Peace, Home Wine Kitchen. you live in our hearts

Photo courtesy ofJennifer Silverberg

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (9)

Deli Kopperman

386 N. Euclid Ave.
This used to be the best restaurant on the street. Louis, possibly the entire United States. One look at this photo will tell you everything you need to know. With food with great, cute sandwich names (like "Ike and Tina Tuna"), Kopperman's will always be remembered.

Photo courtesy ofNancy Stiles

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (10)

Black Bear Bakery Cooperative

Rua Cherokee, 3639
This collective made the best bread in town and sold it at the Soulard Farmer's Market and at a store in Cherokee. The food was delicious and the produce was locally sourced. They were pioneers.

Photo courtesy ofmoney mabel

St. Louis restaurants that are locked but never forgotten (11)

Buschs Grove

9160 Clayton Rd.
Located in a prime estate, this Ladue restaurant was one of a kind, offering fantastic al fresco dining in the woods of Ladue. With the outstanding service and private cabins, it was easy to imagine that you were vacationing somewhere exotic and not just St. Louis. Louis County.

Photo courtesy ofGoogle Maps

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