The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (2023)

Thinking about using LTE internet to stay online at home?

In this article, we look at the 5 best LTE internet plans in Germany in 2023.

We also explain what you need to consider when choosing an LTE internet provider for home use and how this technology compares to fiber broadband.

Let us begin.


The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (1)






The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (2)






The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (3)






The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (5)






The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (6)





The best LTE internet deals for home internet

Let's start with our reviews.

In this section we take a look at the best LTE internet plans currently on the market in terms of download speeds, data caps and value for money.

1.O2 Homespot

O2 Homespot is the best way for most people to get LTE home internet in Germany.

The great thing about O2's LTE internet plans is that they always come with unlimited data. You don't have to pay extra for it like most other LTE internet providers.

You can get 50Mbps or 100Mbps download speeds with Homespot, and the prices for each plan are very reasonable. O2 usually offers a lower price for the first part of the contract and usually waives the connection fee.

You get a wireless router included, so you can easily get online at home even if you have a large family. However, if you have a large house, you still need WiFi extenders.

You do have to sign up for a 24-month contract with O2 Homespot, which is a bit of a downside, but that's pretty typical of most internet plans with LTE plans, especially when a WiFi router is included.


The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (7)


  • Includes unlimited data.
  • Offers fast download speeds for LTE.
  • Comes with a wireless router.
  • No upfront fee.
  • Disadvantages

  • Nothing to mention, a good choice if you can get O2 LTE signal where you live.
  • Overall Rating


    2.Vodafone Gigacubo

    If you're looking for an LTE internet plan to stay connected at home, Vodafone has everything you need.

    Their LTE internet plans include a 4G router called GigaCube for free, so you don't have to spend €100 or more to buy one.

    Like O2, Vodafone can provide the wireless router for free as it requires a 24-month contract to purchase the GigaCube product. However, their prices are reasonable, especially in the 100GB or 200GB plans.

    You can also get unlimited data with the Vodafone GigaCube like O2 offers, however this is a bit pricey - O2's prices are much cheaper.

    The best thing about the Vodafone GigaCube is that you can try it for 30 days before purchasing the full contract. That way you can see what speeds you're getting with Vodafone LTE Internet before you commit to it for 24 months.


    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (8)


  • Includes a WiFi router.
  • Reasonable monthly costs.
  • You can test it for 30 days.
  • You can get unlimited data.
  • Disadvantages

  • The unlimited data plan is quite expensive.
  • Overall Rating


    3.Congstar Homespot

    If you are looking for the cheapest possible LTE internet connection, Congstar is worth a look.

    This mobile network currently has some of the cheapest LTE internet offers in Germany. The monthly costs are very low and the setup costs are cheap too.

    There are two reasons why Congstar is so cheap.

    The first is that all of their plans have data caps. You can't get an unlimited data plan — you'll have to settle for 50, 125, or 200GB.

    In addition, the Congstar Home Internet does not include a WLAN router. You must provide your own device.

    On the plus side, however, you might choose to avoid a long-term commitment to Congstar. You can sign up for a 24-month or a 30-day contract, and the prices for short-term contracts are still reasonable.


    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (9)


  • Low monthly costs.
  • Low setup fees.
  • You can avoid a long-term contract.
  • Disadvantages

  • No wireless router included.
  • Overall Rating


    4.Telekom Speedbox

    Telekom's domestic LTE Internet tariffs work a little differently than the offers from most other providers.

    More than just a single offer to choose from, with a 4G or 5G Internet option, Telekom has a shop where you can choose from several LTE routers and mobile WiFi devices.

    After you've selected a device, you can choose a data plan to pair it with. Most of these LTE data plans come with a 24-month contract and a relatively low data cap.

    Telekom's other problem is that while their monthly prices are reasonable given the amount of data you get, they charge relatively high connection fees compared to other providers like O2.

    In general, we only recommend Internet Telekom LTE if it is the only mobile network that offers a good 4G signal at your address. However, since Congstar uses the Telekom network, it is generally a better choice if Telekom is the only available 4G network where you live.


    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (10)


  • Reasonable monthly costs.
  • Good selection of hardware.
  • Your chosen router or other device is included free of charge.
  • Disadvantages

  • High connection costs.
  • Low data limits.
  • Overall Rating


    what do you need to know

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (11)

    In this part of the article, we explain what you need to know when choosing an LTE internet plan.

    This is how LTE Internet tariffs are sold for the home

    When you buy an LTE Internet plan, you get a 4G router (or a 5G router if you want to pay more) and a SIM card, linked to a data plan with a certain usage limit.

    After inserting and connecting the SIM card to the router, you can go online.

    To purchase an LTE Internet tariff, you usually have to conclude a 24-month contract. However, monthly LTE Internet plans are also available, although you may have to pay for the router upfront if you decide to purchase one of these plans.

    Also, before buying an LTE internet plan, you usually need to enter your zip code on the provider's website to verify that your address has a good enough LTE signal to get online.

    How much data do I need?

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (12)

    Most LTE internet plans have a data limit. Although there are unlimited offers, these usually come with quite high monthly costs.

    Therefore, you may be wondering how much data you need.

    Below we explain the types of situations where different data limits would be appropriate.

    We assume that you use LTE internet as your primary way to get online at home. If you only use 4G LTE for internet access occasionally or on certain devices, you may be able to get a lower data cap.

    • A100GB data limitIt's enough for 1-2 people to get online, assuming you don't often download large files or stream HD TV shows. Unless you work from home and don't watch much TV, a 100GB data limit should be enough for a small family.
    • A200GB data limitIt is sufficient for 3-4 people to go online, provided most people do not use the Internet intensively, or 1-2 people who go online more frequently. For large households, a 200GB monthly data cap only works if you primarily use the internet for browsing social media, reading email, and occasionally watching YouTube videos.
    • LikeUnlimited data planIt is best suited for families of more than 3-4 people or for families that use the internet intensively on a daily basis.ADSLAnd fiber optic Internet tariffs in Germany always come with unlimited data volume, since most households use large amounts of data every month. It might be worth investing in oneunlimited dataOffer if you use LTE Internet as your primary way to get online at home, otherwise you could hit your usage limit each month.

    What download and upload speeds do I get with LTE?

    In the 4G LTE Internet you usually achieve a download speed of around 50 Mbit/s, the maximum download speed is up to 100 Mbit/s, provided your tariff has no speed limits.

    As far as upload speed is concerned, you can expect around 5-10 Mbit/s in most cases with LTE technology.

    To get a better idea of ​​the download and upload speeds you'll get when you switch to LTE home internet, run a speed test on a cell phone at home, using the same cellular network. Just make sure you turn off 5G so you're just testing your LTE connectivity.

    How much should I expect for LTE home internet?

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (13)

    The exact amount you pay for LTE home internet depends on which provider you choose and how much data you get.

    However, for an unlimited LTE tariff including a WLAN router, you have to reckon with around 50 to 60 euros per month for most mobile networksO2is currently offering lower prices.

    If you get a plan with a data limit of 100 GB to 200 GB, you can pay around 30 to 40 euros per month.

    Can you get LTE home internet without a contract?

    If you don't want to commit yourself for 24 months, you can get LTE Internet without a contract. There are essentially two options for this:

    1. Buy a 4G router along with a SIM card. The difference from contracting is that you may have to pay a high upfront cost for the router.
    2. Buy a portable WiFi device or router, then pair it with a data SIM card from a company likeCong-Stern. Just make sure the cell phone plan you choose is appropriate for home internet use and is not limited to cell phone use only.

    Mobile Wi-Fi devices vs. 4G routers

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (14)

    Most of the LTE internet deals we've seen in this guide include a 4G router. 4G routers work just like a WiFi router you would use with a DSL or fiber internet connection, except they use a SIM card instead of being plugged into a broadband socket.

    These devices are best suited for LTE internet access at home as they can easily handle many connected devices at the same time and usually have 2-4 Ethernet ports that you can use to minimize your latency.

    However, there are also LTE internet tariffs that are also sold in connection with mobile WiFi devices.

    Mobile WiFi devices are much smaller than a router, so cheaper, but they are also less powerful - their WiFi signal is not as good.

    The main advantage of mobile WiFi devices is their portability. They come with a rechargeable battery so you can get online pretty much anywhere. However, they are not the best permanent solution for staying online at home as their WiFi signal is not very strong.

    Which LTE internet provider is cheaper?

    Normally,Cong-Sternhas some of the cheapest LTE home internet plans in Germany compared to other major providers.

    The reason Congstar is cheap is because its cheap plans have a data limit of 100GB or more. That may not be enough for your family to get online at home. Also, they don't have a WiFi router like other cell phone providers.

    O2is another good option if you are looking for a cheap unlimited LTE internet plan, but their prices are not as low as Congstar.

    Internet LTE vs. 5G

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (15)

    While you can get download speeds of up to 100Mbps with LTE internet, there are also 5G internet plans that mostly offer download speeds of 500Mbps or even more.

    If you can get 5G where you live, it's often worth paying a little more for 5G home internet as the download speeds are much faster. Aside from the speed and the fact that they are slightly more expensive, 5G internet plans work the same as 4G internet plans.

    Before you buy, you should enter your zip code on the Telekom, O2 and Vodafone websites to see if there is a network offering 5G coverage where you live.


    That's the end of our LTE Internet buying guide.

    If you can get an O2 cellular signal where you live, we almost always recommend the Homespot device. The best part is that it comes with unlimited data plan, which you absolutely need if you mainly use LTE internet at home to stay online.

    If you have any questions about choosing an LTE internet provider, leave us a comment below and we'll help you out.

    The best LTE home internet deals Germany | 4G mobile WiFi (16)

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