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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (1)

Meghan de Londonderry, NHVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 15. Mai 2023

Home Depot Kitchen Remodel Review - My project started in August 2022 and finally finished in May 2023. We started the project on August 20th 2022, 9 days later someone from KTM Home Services (the company contracted by Home Depot) came to measure our kitchen counters/cabinets and discuss our options. It went well. The cabinets for September 2022 have been ordered. We paid for the project in full in October 2022, the cabinets were delivered in November 2022. Some had damage and were reordered.

I reached out on December 22, 2022 to find out the status and if all the closets are in place. On January 17, 2023 we met with the project manager Shawn who informed us that we would have to wait another 10-12 weeks. Got a call from HD's Leslie - she wanted to know the lead time, she wasn't happy with KTM saying another 10-12 weeks. I contacted PM Shawn with a question about our dishwasher and got no response. I waited 11 weeks before contacting them to find out the start date of my project. I texted the PM twice with no response, emailed KTM, HD - no response. I called the Prime Minister; He said it would be another 3 weeks. Completely unacceptable.

I finally got a call from Leslie at HD; She asked the President of KTM to email me and he called me. He said they changed a few things and would start my project on Monday week 12 since PM meeting in January. The project started on Monday, April 10, 2023. We had removed all of the cabinets/sinks and moved all of our equipment to the KTM. The plumber came the first day and the electrician the second day. I was charged $1,400 for the electrician even though I had already paid $2,960 for the electrical work on my contract. The soffits and walls demonstration was completed in week 1.

PM informed me that the contractor who did the demo would fix and adjust our textured ceiling. He patched the lining but never structured it. Cabinets were installed. The contractor damaged the panty top so he added a piece of trimming at the top to cover the area. I kept telling the contractor that the pantry had extended shelves, he kept telling me they were regular shelves, I had to take them out of the box and show him. He installed them but 2 of the reels are not working properly

I contacted Shawn on 4/23/23 with pictures of the unstructured ceiling and mentioned that the pantry shelves were also a problem. I have not received a reply from Shawn.

For my over-the-counter installation, I worked with Gerrity Stone. Working with them was great and they responded promptly via email/phone. They gave me a date and time for the measurements and then we set up the installation within 9 days. They called and provided the date and time of installation, installed on time, cleaned and the process went smoothly.

I gave PM Shawn the date the meter was installed so he could call the plumber. The day the plumber was supposed to come, May 11, 2023, I waited until 2 p.m. and checked Shawn to find out where the plumber was. The plumber forgot to put me on his calendar. On May 12, 2023 the plumber finally showed up and installed my dishwasher but the electrician had to go back to fix the dishwasher plug. I was told the electrician would be at my house the same day, he showed up on Saturday.

I contacted Leslie and the President of KTM about my roof issue. I contacted another company as nobody at KTM did anything to solve my roof problem. The company I spoke to looked at my ceiling and said my cabinets needed to be dismantled so the ceiling could be sanded and textured. I haven't heard from KTM about repairing my roof or any plans to do so. I shouldn't have to pay another company to fix the problems KTM caused.

Overall working with HD was good - Leslie who was my contact and Steve who helped design the layout were fine. Gerrity Stone was awesome, KTM was terrible. Home Depot needs to find a better third party to hire. KTM Home Services was terrible. PM was useless, never responded, the contractor didn't match my ceiling, I was charged an extra $1400 for electrical work for no real reason as I had already paid $2960 in advance. My supply rolls are still broken and my blanket needs repairs. Find another place to remodel your kitchen.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (2)

Mike aus Lake Worth, FloridaVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 19. April 2023

I was told 1-2 weeks. 3 months later it's not over yet. He sent a drunk to make cabinets. 3 days. Everything had to be pulled out. 4 weeks later I came back to finish. Ordered the wrong rear panel 3, yes 3 times! disabled wife. I had to cancel 9 doctor's appointments. I had to take 11 days off. My $20,000 renovation has now cost me $27,000. 9 different employees. Nothing yet!! I haven't lived at home for 3 months. DO NOT hire these people!!

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (3)

Sam is in Boynton Beach, FLVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 3. April 2023

I went to the Home Depot in Boynton Beach with a list of the cabinets I needed and the rep said they would ship the next day. I agreed and on the second day I received an email advising that the delivery had been rescheduled for another day and on the third day I received another I received an email saying that Home Depot had some of the canceled cabinets because they are no longer in stock. The next day I received 3 items out of 8 and one was already shipped so I canceled my order entirely. Logically I can't build another cabinet in a kitchen, I've called customer service 8 times and no one can help me with a refund. They simply referred me to a company called Retail Equation and refused my refund for a closet that was sent back to the Home Depot warehouse. This is frustrating and bad management.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (4)

Gregory from Kirkland, ILVerified Appraiser

Original review: March 21, 2023

Do not buy American Woodmark cabinets expecting quality in construction, you will be profoundly disappointed. We bought a set of kitchen and pantry cabinets and had countless quality issues, mainly but not limited to appearance. Due to problems, the company replaced about half of our doors, however in most cases the replacement parts were no better than the originals. The outside of the cases show very poor paint coverage. We received new "skins" from the manufacturer to cover them. However, they charge hundreds of dollars to put them on and besides, it would negatively affect the overall appearance. In short, they're not worth the money, even with the "30% off" offer.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (5)

Jeremy from Keller, TXVerified Appraiser

Original review: December 19, 2022

After this experience I will never use Home Depot again. It was the worst mistake of my life. I've been thinking about remodeling cabinets and replacing countertops. The clerk, Jennifer P of the Keller, TX store, left the store the first week of June 2022. She measured. Gave me the quote. It was higher than I expected, but I realized that Home Depot is a big company that incurs more overhead, and Jennifer tells me things are slower due to supply chain issues, but because HD's size and volume in is able to get things done quicker than most and I should have a pretty quick turnaround and they offer interest free financing for 2 years.

Warning: HD charges 100% of the fee up front. I'm a little worried but Jennifer tells me about all the benefits that HD offers and they guarantee all the work. So I sign up. Then all the troubles happened. After a month nothing happened and no reply to emails from Jennifer. Finally I find the HD installation group. I have learned that my person responsible for the installation is Victoria. After a week of calling and speaking to other reps who were unhelpful and kept telling me I needed to speak to Victoria, I finally get her to answer. She tells me there is something wrong with my order and someone will call me. I ask her "What?" She says it's a measurement issue and a manager calls me to discuss it. A few days go by and no one contacts me. I turn on the VMs, log off and can't reach anyone.

I send Jennifer several emails. No Answer. Then Jennifer emails me that she messed it up and I need to sign a change order form and pay another $3,000. I tell her "No thanks" and ask for her manager's number, which is Danny. I call him and he tells me we can cancel the contract or pay more. I decline, thinking the deal won't go through, and start looking for other offers. Then Danny calls me and tells me that HD has decided to cover the costs and everything is back. I tell him, "I want it canceled." He said, "Sorry, but since the price hasn't changed, the project is still going." I'm not happy. After another two months of calling and filing complaints with the BBB. Victoria calls and tells me that she is trying to arrange an installation appointment. It is now the end of September. you install. They "enhance" cabinets by tapping and framing whiteboards.

The installer does a terrible job. Bad cuts. Nails stick out. Reinstall microwave incorrectly. There were so many issues and there were several connectors that were the wrong size. Then the guy tells me he needs to reorder the wrong items. Note that they went to the measurement three times. Then the countertop builder calls to install the countertops. you appear. It's the wrong size. They apologize and say they will contact HD. It is now the end of December. I called and emailed them every day. No reply from anyone.

I work with a dispute guy named Austin. He does not respond and closes my BBB complaint. A new person named Joye calls. She told me they had the closet doors for three months now and could install them. The guy comes out and realizes it's the wrong style of door and doesn't match the others he's installed. HD not responding. Don't know if they will fix that. It's been six months. It's not finished yet and there's no end in sight. DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT SERVICES. Buyers, you have been warned. I still can't believe how incompetent this company is. I will never use HD again.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (6)

CYNTHIA from Appalachia, VAVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 13. November 2022

We bought a pantry at Home Depot. Brought it home to assemble. In 6 pieces the placement of the holes was completely wrong. There are not enough screws and gaskets to assemble. Also, they cut styrofoam to pack it. We had to vacuum every piece. We took it out of the box outside because the white pieces were everywhere. Now on the truck and in the yard...

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (7)

Zachary de Phoenix, AZVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 3. November 2022

Very bad service. You didn't tell me or warn me. I will never do business with them again. They are terrible because they don't tell me anything and they are not far from me. I don't understand why they can't help the customer better.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (8)

Jessica from Tabernash, COVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 2. November 2022

Last November, we paid Home Depot almost $40,000 for a kitchen that was never finished. We are selling a new countertop, backsplash and cabinet repair. After waiting for 20 weeks and buying our hardware and new faucets and starting the necessary prep work, we finally got word that we shouldn't have sold the kitchen and they couldn't finish the job. Not to mention the purchases we made and the demo we started with your instructions.

What's even worse is that we didn't even hear from the staff who took our money. We had to call other stores and ask them to check the invoices to find out the order would be cancelled. We're out of money, we have a partially destroyed kitchen and we still haven't gotten our money back. The manager we worked with is called Greg** and he doesn't call back when he says his voicemail has been full for weeks and we gave this team every opportunity (12 months) for a refund before writing this review Have written. This is disappointing to say the least.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (9)

Robin from Tallahassee, FlaVerified Appraiser

Original review: October 23, 2022

Must buy a fridge. I looked for it in HD but the seller wasn't interested when I said I'm only looking for it now. I found them again and asked about 33 inch wide refrigerators. She went around putting a sticky note on all 33 fridges and left. I asked a seller. He informed her that I had questions and I knew I heard her say something derogatory and then walked over. I told her it needed to be delivered and installed, gave the delivery date, didn't show up, called the hotline to find out why, wasn't sure what they told me but got it in about a week later finally. I didn't know about this 48 hour thing.

The freezer door only opens halfway. It was still in my kitchen with all the packaging so I called the hotline again and told them and the seller that I was physically unable to bend down and had no idea what to do. After many complaints to the hotline, a few days later they sent someone to set it up for me. I was home when he arrived but I had to go. Someone was there to make sure everything was done right, but stated they hadn't assembled the interior. One spoke no English and the other spoke very little English. I learned to call the hotline to take action. HD guidelines require a lot of attention and correction.

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Top 438 Home Depot Kitchen Reviews (2023) (10)

Toni de Montesano, WAVerified Appraiser

Originalrezension: 15. September 2022

I say SURPRISINGLY positive just because I expected so much less. This is not my first HD rodeo! Our other purchases have had ratings ranging from -1 to 1 stars for customer service, damaged goods, thrown on my lawn, refusal to collect the damaged item, etc. etc. etc., and that's not all that long ago ! I've been tireless with them and I'm sure they might even remember me by name!

If I were to rate this purchase on my own I would have to give this purchase a 4 star rating based on its overall experience. Not because of the delivery or the item, as it was absolutely FREE! My problem was that 'dispatch' didn't make that 'bragging' call 30 minutes before the delivery arrived. My rating is 5 stars because I believe HD has far surpassed it based on my last three experiences with it. My ratings ranged from an average of 0.5 stars through 3 purchases to a 4 star experience. For me, this is WAY ABOVE AN IMPROVEMENT! Thanks! And now to my experience….

I've had my issues shopping online through Home Depot, but this time they really nailed it. I have experienced HORRIBLE delays, one company blaming the other, having to track my purchase through a third party, damaged shipments and other issues that should have led me to another supplier. So I didn't expect anything else. The problem for me was the budget because of course we always have a lot of extra money when our devices kill us so I have to say I shopped the Labor Day sales at several physical stores. HD won for about $30. YUCK!

While I wasn't impressed at first, I found that with my most recent purchase I received a new feature of a tracking page that I believe works in real-time. I was given a 4 hour window for delivery but beyond that I was able to track which number was in the queue and how many deliveries were ahead of me. Although I received my item on time and with respectful couriers, I did NOT receive the promised 30 minute pre-delivery call that the website offers. When it was done they forgot to update my phone number on my last three purchases. But I stuck with it all day and it worked PERFECTLY!

I am giving 5 stars because this is an AMAZING change from the issues we previously had with HD and the calls and return calls that followed. Hopefully next time I can give a 5 star rating for the OVERALL INDIVIDUAL service! FINGERS CROSSED! I just hope that another device doesn't fail soon! THANK YOU HOME DEPOT!

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