Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (2023)

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (1)

Clint de Spokane, WACertified appraiser

Original review: March 11, 2023

I am writing about North Spokane Home Depot. We ordered new devices for our house on January 14th. They consist of a standard fridge, stove and dishwasher. We paid about $5,100 for goods that day. This doesn't include the extensive kitchen remodel we commissioned with Home Depot. We have agreed delivery on February 10th. Home Depot has canceled the delivery and pushed it back to February 16. After Home Depot literally canceled us at the last minute, Home Depot rescheduled the appointment again on March 9th. After another postponement, Home Depot canceled our delivery today. This does not include times that we have had to reschedule due to Home Depot's scheduling on days that we have specifically said we will be unavailable.

Home Depot didn't deliver our devices two months after we paid for our goods. Customer service was unable to resolve our issues with Home Depot shipping delays. The outside Home Depot contracted to ship our units did not provide us with accommodations for delivery or work with us to find an alternative route.

As a result, we had to cancel our purchase entirely. A full refund is pending. I will definitely update this review if we don't receive it in time. We will not do business with Home Depot and would advise anyone working on home improvement projects to take their business elsewhere. If possible, we would also cancel the complete kitchen remodel. This company's shoddy customer service and inability to deliver is frankly embarrassing. For a self-proclaimed company that specializes in home improvement, it has a lot to learn when it comes to business transactions.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (2)

Cheryl from Trenton, New JerseyCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: March 9, 2023

(Video) The WORST home centers for wood (Home Depot vs. Lowes vs. Menards)

I recently purchased a dishwasher which was delivered on Friday 3rd March 2023. It was installed the following Monday, March 6th. After installation, the packaging was removed and a dent was revealed. I used the SMS to file the complaint. The appointment was scheduled for a staff member to come and examine him on Wednesday, March 8th. I waited all day for them to come, but they didn't come. I contacted them again and was told it was canceled as the 48 hour application deadline was already 24 hours past. It would have been nice to have a courtesy call to let me know. Now I'm stuck with a new dishwasher that has a dent in the front. Bye bye Home Depot, there are other options.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (3)

Cheryl de Roscommon, MICertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: March 9, 2023

I bought an Electrolux washer and dryer. Home Depot says 48 hours processing time. Unfortunately I had a problem with the dryer so I tried calling Home Depot 800 numbers, 3 of them to be exact. Couldn't get a person on either number, only an automated system. I called Electrolux, they told me to call the Home Depot store as per their 48 hour return policy. I called the Home Depot store, told them I wanted to return it and the guy said they had to order another dryer, which they did. The second dryer had problems, I have a video of that. I took the video to the Home Depot store and let them see it. The person with the device listened and said there was something wrong with it and gave me a number to call for a refund or replacement. I went home, called the number, they said they couldn't give me a refund. I had to speak to the store. I called the store, spoke to the assistant manager, he got my order number and details.

I called back and was told if I wanted a refund I would have to call Electrolux. Wait a minute, I gave Home Depot my money, not Electrolux. He said to call another number to have a third machine delivered. I was within the 48 hour return policy, but under no circumstances would Home Depot honor that policy. Now I'm stuck with junk, which I think Electrolux does with junk. I will never spend a dime at a Home Depot store or on home ever again. I pay for these useless machines and have nothing to do with any of these companies anymore! What a waste of time, hours and hours for this rubbish.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (4)

William de Hagerstown, MDCertified appraiser

Original review: March 6, 2023

(Video) The WORST home centers for tools (Home Depot vs Lowes vs Menards)

Attention buyers! In 2018 I purchased an Electrolux washer and dryer from The Home Depot and purchased an extended 5 year warranty. The washer and dryer come with a one-year labor and three-year parts replacement warranty. That should add up to 6 years, but Home Depot refuses to honor the warranty agreement as per the terms of coverage laid out in their warranty agreement. They claim that the purchased five-year warranty began upon receipt of delivery, but according to the terms of the contract it says the extended warranty begins after the manufacturer's warranty expires, one year from the date of purchase. Home Depot is refusing to honor the deal and I will not be buying any major units from them in the future. Don't let the so-called guarantee fool you.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (5)

Matt de Stratford, CTCertified appraiser

Original review: February 25, 2023

We bought some cobblestones from Home Depot and they refused to honor the advertised price - even though they were clearly the cobblestones we had chosen and had a big arrow pointing straight at them. The manager said they could charge a different price under Connecticut law. You are a very dishonest company. And there have been quite a number of cases where a cashier made a mistake in our favor or accidentally didn't scan an item, and in all cases we've gone back and given Home Depot an opportunity to correct the cashier's mistake. , which of course they always do. But - they don't hesitate to play with labeling errors and don't care a bit. They are a very abusive and dishonest company.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (6)

Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (7)

Angela from Marysville, WACertified appraiser

Original review: February 23, 2023

New Bosch dishwasher delivered on 1/28/23. Delivery men made a 3 inch crack in the kitchen floor when they removed the old one and installed the new one. Even after my warning not to haul equipment but to lift it. English was not their language. They tried to accuse me of damaging the floor (I have pictures of them doing this). It also damaged the new dishwasher during installation. The door wouldn't close properly, it wasn't centered on the Cabinet and the gasket on the left kept falling off when they let go of it (That's why they tried to install it all the way to the left, leaving a 2ft gap on the right, not how it should be.) The dishwasher was left flush with cabinet but came out right told them to remove and send back. I then arranged for the replacement and new delivery 2 weeks later. Complaint filed for damaged floor.

No one showed up to find the replacement on 2/14. to deliver because Home Depot canceled my order on 1/28/23 after I arranged a replacement with delivery. They also did not contact me or refund my $1400. They also don't offer veteran discounts on devices. I had to drive to the store to get a refund. In the case of damaged floors, it is not possible to contact the claims department. You are on Eastern Time, not Pacific. I received an email to send a damage estimate but no further information. I saved 5 months to buy this dishwasher. I'm more than disappointed. I will never buy anything from Home Depot again. Still struggling with floor damage.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (8)

Jeffrey de Lincoln, NeCertified appraiser

Original review: February 23, 2023

The only thing I like about Home Depot is that it's close to my home. I ordered 22 precut 2x4 pegs and 28 pieces of vinyl siding. They sent 22 4'x2x4's and 28 boxes of siding. There are no professionals there.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (9)

s de Church Hill, TNCertified appraiser

Original review: February 19, 2023

Anyone who is a US veteran is familiar with which companies offer veteran discounts and which do not. Known in most parts of the US as Home Depot, the company advertises extensively how the company supports all branches of the armed forces and blows its own horn on pages created on its website. However, the game has changed. Home Depot no longer offers discounts on two main themes. Company standard was a ten percent discount on all products purchased by a veteran.

The first change occurred when some products were no longer discounted; Electrical cords, most woods and large appliances have been removed from the list of discounted items with no reason given or shown on the shelves as it is up to the customer to collect these at checkout. Oddly, the cashiers have no idea when or why this happened, including what temporary or permanent question one would ask. Second, and more alarming; the Home Depot Corporate Office, has changed the guidance on who can and cannot get a discount. Gone are the days when a veteran I.D. it was proof enough to get a discount.

The ONLY way a Veteran can get a discount is through Home Depot's online process. The process includes a detailed list of personal information that needs to be filled out; including name, address, telephone and service number, agency and various other details, The Home Depot delivers the completed form to a third party claiming to be addressing the government. files to verify the information.

To his game plan, this veteran says NO THANKS. I decline the 10% offer based on my private information, it is none of Home Depot's business, and there is no reason to trust the information to a third party as there is no way of knowing what the supposed third party will do. to do with the information once the details are in your hands. Identity theft is one thing, and according to the author, it's the same as giving all your private information to an unknown person and trusting them to be honest. Granted, Home Depot or other companies that do business with the public are under no obligation to offer discounts. However, this is the same as selling a discount for your private information. Again NO THANKS. Stay away from Home Depot and its ever-changing means of collecting customer information.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (10)

(Video) How to Install Shiplap | The Home Depot

Kenneth de Fort Myers, FLCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: February 17, 2023

It all started with a $500 gift certificate and two weeks off work. My drywall and MDF order was placed on February 3rd and was due to be delivered on February 8th.

I took the day off and my boyfriend drove 2 hours from Newport Richey to help me "take a day and just do it". In the afternoon I received an email confirming that the delivery had been delayed. It cost me a day's work and an $80 lunch. He drove two hours home. I called the number in the email and after 2:20:17 was told someone would be in touch. Nothing 24 hours later so I called my local store to cancel. After 3:38:26 I gave up waiting and drove to the store. There I spent 2h15 in the customer service queue. The order was successfully canceled and I received a credit. If you score, expect ~8 hours of waiting time.

After it cooled down, I tried placing a new order at a different location, only to find at checkout that the credit was only for in-store purchases. I visited the same store and was absolutely GUAR-AN-TEEED!!! everything was in stock and I was able to easily purchase this order and arrange delivery. With great reluctance and blind faith I did. The order was scheduled for delivery on February 17th (okay - my vacation started on February 11th, so I'm only a week late). At 9:51 p.m. on February 16, the email from Home Depot stated that delivery had been pushed back to February 25. At this point I've spent two weeks of vacation in limbo and waited and waited. So... wait a little longer. Electrics done, room emptied - TWICE.

I canceled the order again and now I don't care about the gift card. There was a lot of confusion about delivery credits and trying to figure out how to collect tax, then issue a new card and then repurchase the order. Take the gift card and stick it on. Also, don't expect me to spend another dime at a Home Depot store. You wasted A WHOLE MONTH and you call that "helping those who do more"? The serenity of irony is unparalleled. 2/20 so thank you for wasting my long awaited vacation and time.

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Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (11)

Top 657 Home Depot Reviews (12)

Vera de Darling, MSCertified appraiser

Original review: February 15, 2023

I've been on the phone for over an hour. As we build, we've purchased over $15,000 worth of merchandise in the last two months. Bought with c.c. and email receipts. When I tried to return it today none of my receipts are in my email and I have the c.c. because it was compromised and I didn't receive the new one. I was denied and the website is not honoring my request, it says I need a valid email and I used the two emails associated with Home Depot. I am very upset and disappointed that I have spent so much here and have not received any feedback or help to resolve this issue. I'll be buying Lowe's from now on. The return was $143. Which is trivial compared to what I spent.

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